Surva in the Village of Kosharevo (memories of Milka Boyanova – ex mayor of the village)

The history of our Survakar group is over 150 years old. The Survakar group of Kosharevo is one of the first in the region, together with the groups of some other neighbor villages. The original colorful dress of the Bolyukbashia in the Survakar group was made up of green uniforms. Badges, embroidery, a feather on the hat and a sword feathers had been added to the clothing. Until the mid-1960s and the 20-th century, the the Bolyukbashias or the leaders of the Survakar groups of different settlements in the region have not been dressed in that type of dress, which has long been adopted in Kosharovo – a figure similar to a soldier. The leaders of the groups in the other settlements, except Kosharovo, have been dressed in casual clothes. After the appearance of the Kosharovo Survakar group, at the first Surva Festival in 1966 in the town of Pernik, things changed. The groups in the region liked the way the Bolyukbashia from Kosharovo was dressed and their everyday clothes with uniforms like the ones the people from the Kosharevo groups were wearing.
The oldest photo of the sourvakar group in the archive of the Kosharevo inhabitant Ms Milka Boyanova, dates from the 30’s of the 20th century. In the photo, the group is memorized with its colorful Bolyukbashias, Survakars and characters, against the background of a thick snow. An important element of Surva tradition is the snow and the cold weather.