The House of Masks

Masking is a traditional phenomenon known to many cultures. Ancient societies have
masked faces to communicate with the God.
“Surova” is an ancient pagan custom, with which our ancestors opened the way to the
new year, performingd rituals for fertility, health and prosperity. This is the feast during
which the young men, presented their strength and energy, their ability to create
interesting images and to preserve the genus and tradition. Only during these holidays
the bachelors could enter the house of the girl they like and see how the girl has
arranged her home, appreciate her skills and her qualities.
The tradition Surova is so strong and significant that it is included in the UNESCO’s list of
tangible cultural heritage.
The winter custom “Surva” is characteristic of Middle Western Bulgaria – the
settlements around Pernik, Breznik, Zemen and Radomir.
Therefore, if you visit the village of Kosharevo (located 18 km southwest of Breznik, 35
km northwest of Pernik and 60 km west of Sofia.), you will be able to transfer to
another world – the world of masks. In a restored house, built almost 200 years ago, the
tradition of Surova is presented. Authentic masks and mobile apps with rich information
make it possible to become a Survacar, even in the summer.
Furthermore, once per year, Kosharovo changes, becomes alive and full of people. The
masked survakari come out on 13 January 14th and the follow the ritual for health and
care in every house.