About the Project

The Project entitled: Tourism and Traditions – Colorful, Fun and Attractive  /CB007.1.11.220/, is funded under the INTERREG-IPP Bulgaria-Serbia Cross-border cooperation program. It is being implemented in partnership between Pernik Regional Administration (Lead Partner) and Crveni Krst Town Municipality, the town of Nis, the Republic of Serbia. The project implements activities for the utilization of the tangible and intangible cultural and historical heritage for the development of tourism in the cross-border region and for the participation of the local communities in sustainable development measures.

Under the project, The House of Masks, in the village of Kosarevo (Breznik region) and a Recreation Area in the region of Vidrishte, near Nis (Serbia), are  built, as tourist attractions. The opening of the project facilities is accompanied by events for their popularization, a journalist tour and promotion activities. Modern technologies and practices are used to build the attractions – three mobile applications are are developed to access the facilities, providing both fun and knowledge of local traditions.

The financing is to the amount of 598 501,52 EUR, 508 726,28 of which are granted under Interreg-IPA Bulgaria – Serbia cross-border program; 49 619,66 EUR are funded by the budget of the Republic of Bulgaria and 40 155,58EUR are own funding by Crveni Krst Town Municipality. The project has been  implemented within the period of November 2016 – November 2018.